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    A Fun Plaid Cape
    If you're needing a change from your puffer coats, look no further. This simple, throw on over anything from a knit dress to your favorite skinny jeans, plaid cape is just the thing to perk up your morning. It's surprisingly warm and I love the colors that are a...
  • Planners-2017
    Favorite Planners For 2017
    I don't know about you, but I love planners, you know the ones that you actually write in. Yes, I have my Google Calendar, my calendar on my iPhone, but I still love writing in one that I can hold in my hands. Call me old school, or a...
  • Anthropologic-Knit-Dress // By Way Of Berlin Blog
    Dress(ing) Up
    It's easy to get in a fashion rut, especially when it's winter and cold outside. I've noticed lately that the same two outfits have been on constant rotation, and as much as I love them, I'm getting a tad bored and needed a change! But since I get cold,...
  • Tips-On-Writing-Awesome-Goals // By Way Of Berlin Blog
    Writing Goals The SMARTER Way
    Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about the New Year and ones future life. It can be a bit daunting deciding what one wants or how to begin. Sometimes we’re afraid to aim too high so instead, play it safe and set goals that don't inspire and...
  • Winter-outfit-with-Burberry-Jacket // By Way Of Berlin Blog
    A Rainy Happy New Year!
    Fashion, Holidays
    Happy New Year my friends! As I write todays post, it's raining- the perfect weather to indulge in some reminiscing. My writing buddy Zorro is curled up in front of the fire napping, classical music is playing in the background, and a hot cup of peppermint tea keeping me...
  • Holiday-Guide-How-Not-To-Gain-Weight // By Way Of Berlin Blog
    My Top Holiday Health Tips
    As much as we look forward to baking cookies and enjoying holiday parties, this season can also be one of the most stressful times surrounding food. It seems that only mentioning the phrase “holiday party” magically adds a pound or two. With Christmas less than two weeks away and New...